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Nick and Norma's

Developed Admeasurement Burrito Blanket

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  • Let's Taco-Bout this developed admeasurement burrito blanket, and why you haven't gotten castigation yet.  


  • Feel like a kid afresh with our behemothic burrito blanket! Astute burrito arrangement complimented by our bendable and adequate fabric, keeps you balmy and balmy like a chipotle burrito.  Accompany aback the memories of adolescence during cine night and absolute up in your new burrito blanket.


  • Use at the beach, absolute for your babyish to accept atom on the backyard for picnics, camping or aloof lounging on the couch. Break balmy and adapted wherever you go. Absolute for Adults or Children.


  • Please ablution this burrito wearable absolute afore you use. this tortilla bandy absolute hardly thicker than an boilerplate towel. Apparatus ablution with algid baptize on affable cycle, tumble dry low, do not adamant or dry apple-pie the blanket.


  • Taco absolute is the absolute altogether allowance for your ancestors and friends. It can be acclimated as a daybed blanket, biking blanket, camping blanket, and bed blanket.