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Honey Dip and Bottle Jar with lid

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  • Honey pot fabricated of high-quality glass, non-toxic for safe use.
  • This bright honey pot is a admirable and applied accession to your kitchen. Lid with dipper architecture is added abundantly for use, preventing honey from dripping.
  • A Bottle honey pot, a lid with a dipper, you won't charge a abstracted beanery or dipper for the bee jar sets. What's more, a bottle lid absorbed can finer anticipate honey in the pot from dusting.
  • The cellophane architecture of the honey canteen allows you to apperceive the bulk of honey anytime, can access the appropriate bulk of honey, and will not account decay and trouble.
  •  The ideal place to accumulate accustomed honey or abstract in the appropriate conditions. A beautiful architecture is abundant for affable in your kitchen or confined at your table. Note: handwash only.