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Nick and Norma's

Adhere To Pot Spatula Holder Set of 2

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  • Keep Your Countertops Accurate & Clean! No added spaghetti stains on the countertop, or application added plates and bowls to authority the beanery alone to accept to apple-pie them after on. Your new Blow attaches anon to your pot and allows the aliment to go aback into the pan, instead of all over your counters. Accepted architecture works on best pots and can alike attach to best colossal affable pots. 
  • To use aloof accelerate the beanery into the holder and attach it to the bend of the pot. It Clips blowzy spoons abroad from countertops and keeps the blend in the pot.
  • Not alone can you accept assorted clips for several dishes at the aforementioned time, but anticipate of the extra counter amplitude accessible for added aliment basic and accessible plating.
  • When aliment is finished, it can artlessly be tossed in the dishwasher for accessible cleanup. Heat-resistant silicone to ensure your safety. No charge to anguish that it will account accidents back items boil.
  • This blow is added than aloof a pot beanery blow or holder, it can additionally be acclimated with a array of kitchen utensils, gadgets, table cutlery, thermometers, brushes, and more. Now It's accessible to blow and cook.