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Nick and Norma's

Tortilla Burrito Accouter Absolute with hat for Baby

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  • With your new tortilla absolute you can blanket your babyish up like a Chipotle Burrito. In This Babyish Tortilla Absolute your little one will feel safe aloof like in the womb, all while actuality balmy and deliciously cute
  • Be the backbiting of the babyish battery back you accompany the absolute best allowance for your ancestors or best friend. Altogether bendable tortilla absolute will not abrade your new built-in baby's adored skin. This babyish absolute will be the affair of allocution no amount the break and will absolutely be a hit at your abutting gathering.
  • Please ablution this  babyish burrito accouter absolute afore use. Apparatus washable on affable aeon with algid water. Tumble dry low, or air dry, anti-wrinkle and no fade. The taco absolute meets your needs in every way
  • Burrito accouter absolute is fabricated of 100% exceptional microfiber polyester which makes it cool bendable and comfort, anti-fade, anti-Pilling and lightweight, accomplish you fell amore all the time.This tortilla absolute is safe to babies. No zippers, no velcro or snaps
  • With this burrito tortilla accouter blanket, you can Absolute your babyish Up in a Tortilla Absolute so your babyish can coil up like a behemothic tortilla. The absolute looks like a absolute tortilla wrap—almost too real.