Accommodated Nick & Norma

Our Story

The adventure of Nick and Norma begins like abounding others. Boy meets girl, boy and babe abatement in love. As the adventure goes, the blow is history! Except there’s a slight aberration that’s accepted to so abounding avant-garde families these days. Both Nick and Norma were aloft by distinct parents, and they themselves too, were distinct parents. 


Being aloft by and actuality distinct parents from a adolescent age both Nick and Norma aggregate the acceptance that growing and befitting a ancestors abutting calm was an important amount value. As their adulation grew so did the backbone of Ancestors acknowledgment to this amount value.

Thinking aback to what helped body this able band with anniversary added and amidst the children, Nick and Norma accomplished that one of the key contributors to this success was accepting ancestors meals. Accepting banquet calm as a family, every night (or as abounding as possible).


Nick and Norma’s Online Abundance was created to allotment with the apple the capital kitchen accoutrement that helped us accommodate adorable advantageous home adapted commons for our family, in today’s fast paced world.


Join us in our Adventure Of Bringing Families Aback Together, One Meal At A Time! 


It Was A Amusement Affair You. Acknowledgment For Arcade Nick & Norma's