Let’s talk olives today!

kalamata black olives

Kalamata black olives {Photo: dietpaleorecipes.com}

Olives, don’t we just love them? We use the oil to cook with or add that special flavor to our recipes but they are just as delicious eaten plain. Greece is the largest producer of olives and olive oil since 3000 BC. They are proud products of my ? country. At the market, you will find tons of flavors, colors or shapes. Some of them have added flavors or stuffing, others are just plain. As much as I love them all, I’ll always have a craving for the plain one. This week, I decided to share with you my three favorite olive types. Each one of them have their own shape and taste and can be served in different ways. Also, here is a little reminder of this easy olive paste or tapenade recipe that I shared with you sometime ago. It’s a healthy and quick way to have a tasty bite with some In Snax crisps.

They have a dark purple color and are known to have a rich fruity flavor. Normally marinated in wine vinegar, you will find them packed in vinegar or olive oil. A great choice if you wish to make some good tapenade.

Cracked Green
You normally will recognize these olives in your martini. Known for their lemony taste, they are perfect in cocktails or added to a potato salad.

These little sun dried black olives are known for their wrinkled texture and rich flavor. Normally found in salads, cheese and that pizza you love so much!

Have a great day everyone!

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