The student life with In Snax

It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re a busy student. In addition to living away from home for the first time for many students, fast food and unhealthy junk food can be very tempting when you’re running from one classroom to the next or when you’re cramming for exams. Even dining halls don’t always offer the best or healthiest choices to students.

In Snax pita crisps offer a healthier snacking option for students on the run. They come in 3 tasty varieties – including a cinnamon and sugar dessert one! – and contain up to 70% less fat than the leading chip brand. The multigrain flavor makes an ideal accompaniment to a soup or salad for a perfect light lunch or dinner, and the cinnamon-sugar flavor makes a great sweet snack. So the next time you’re hungry, reach for a bag of In Snax pita crisps. And if you haven’t tried In Snax crisps yet, drop us a line in the comments below wand we’ll send you a sample!

Happy studying!

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