Let’s talk ice cream

most popular ice cream flavors

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Let’s talk ice cream for a minute. What are your favourite toppings? Do you have a favourite brand that you always have a pint of in your freezer?

According to the International Ice Cream Association (yes, there is such a thing!) here is a list of the 15 most popular ice cream flavors:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Butter pecan
  4. Strawberry
  5. Neapolitan
  6. Chocolate chip
  7. French vanilla
  8. Cookies and cream
  9. Vanilla fudge ripple
  10. Praline pecan
  11. Cherry
  12. Chocolate almond
  13. Coffee
  14. Rocky road
  15. Chocolate marshmallow

I guess I fall into these statistics perfectly because my personal favourite is a non-dairy (I’m lactose intolerant) vanilla ice cream with a few In Snax cinnamon crisps crushed up and used as topping, yum! :)

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