Introducing: What’s on your In Snax?

What's on your In Snax?

What's on your In Snax? { In Snax sea salt pita crisp with Nutella }

In Snax are the perfect vehicule to carry whatever sweet or savoury items on their cute little square backs :) You can have a different fun, sweet, salty, healthy or decadent snack using one of the In Snax pita crisps everyday without ever having to have the same thing twice. I always have a bag handy and love snacking on these or sometimes even, making a whole light meal out of some multigrain In Snax and some hummus for example….

Here are some examples of my favourite In Snax snacks:

  • In Snax cinnamon pita crisps with nutella or peanut butter
  • In Snax multigrain pita crisps with hummus or a piece of goat cheese and some dried cranberries
  • In Snax sea salt pita crisps with a piece of dark chocolate (yes, chocolate and sea salt is a great combination!)

We want you to share pictures of your favourite In Snax snacks on our Facebook wall. Have fun with this, go wild, find your most awesome combination of flavours, stack them up and snap a pic!!

Pizza on a crisp? Yes!

Your very own Rieces cup on a cinnamon In Snax? Why not!!

The wilder the combo, the better!

We will have a draw every month among all participants and the winner will receive a delicious gift package of our In Snacks and In Cuisin products.

So… what’s on your In Snax?

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  1. Charlotte

    13. Jan, 2011

    Je reconnais la photo. On est vraiment des gourmandes chez Telegraphe !!!!!

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