In Snax Cinnamon Pita Crisps

In Snax cinnamon crisps { Photo: Julia C. Vona, Montreal }

Have you tried the In Snax cinnamon crisps with a touch of sugar? I can almost guarantee that if you try them, you will fall in love immediately! Who wouldn’t love a crisp that is just sweet enough with the light warm spice of cinnamon added in? They make the perfect snack when you feel like a little something sweet. You can top your morning yogourt or evening ice cream for that extra touch of crunchiness and texture or top them with a piece of anti-oxydants dark chocolate for an afternoon pick-me up. They make the best scoops for the kids’ after school snack of fruit salsa or the greatest dipping tool for a decadent chocolate fondue. All that for 55% less fat than the leading brand of chips and 0 trans fat.

So go ahead, indulge! Tell me, what’s your favourite way of snacking on the In Snax cinnamon crisps?

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One Response to “In Snax Cinnamon Pita Crisps”

  1. Lorena Rossi

    01. Oct, 2010

    Tried them and they have just enough sugar to satisfy that craving- no guilt. Delicious!

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