Quick and easy meal ideas for kids: Rotisserie chicken

Quick kids meal: Rotisserie chicken

Rotisserie chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes { Photo: Vadim Daniel, Montreal Photographer }

Continuing our series of quick, easy and kid friendly meals, what’s more easy and tasty than rotisserie chicken? It’s everyone’s favourite meal, especially when served with luscious gravy and delicious mashed potatoes. And not just any mashed potatoes but In Cuisin ready-in-2-minutes mashed potatoes. Chose your favourite among our 3 flavours: butter and cream, garlic and chives and garden carrots.

Dinner can be ready in 5 minutes if you bring home a roasted chicken from your favourite supermarket or rotisserie and serve it with a side of In Cuisin mashed potatoes! Bon appétit!

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