Picnic in the park with the kids & In Snax

Kids love In Snax crisps! { Photo: © Vadim Daniel }

In Snax pita crisps are a great snack option to have handy when doing any activity with the kids. Whether it’s camping, a long road trip or an impromptu picnic in the park with the kids on a nice sunny afternoon, In Snax crisps a great snack option. They are a healthier option than the leading chips brand and made in a peanut-free facility so you won’t have to worry if your little ones are prone to allergies. Even our most decadent crisps, the cinnamon and sugar ones, contain 55% less fat than the leading chip. So stop feeling guilty and munch away!

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One Response to “Picnic in the park with the kids & In Snax”

  1. styvia

    12. Aug, 2010

    What a cutie!!!!!
    if I do say so myself….
    and the chips are delicious!!

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