Fun kids spring craft

spring kids craft

Spring kids craft {Photo: Antipodas on Flickr}

Easter Sunday is always full of fun and games in my household but I am usually not the one who puts it all together.

This year was a bit different since I decided to have an egg hunt in my backyard for my girls and their friends. Although it was fun and exciting for the kids, I was left with a bunch of chocolate, baskets and other materials that we did not use for our egg hunt.

With yesterday being a holiday, rather than have my girls watch TV all day and “veg out”, I decided to put on another hunt but this time, I gathered all the leftover chocolate, some craft materials and separated them in different baskets for them to find. They needed to find 2 baskets (with matching ribbon) to work on the designated craft. You can do this particular activity at any time of the year, not just on Easter Monday. It would be a great way to celebrate spring!

What you need:

  1. 4 baskets or bags (2 for each craft)
  2. Pick out 2 different crafts to make (something that they can do themselves if possible) and write down or print out the instructions
  3. The tools and materials to create the crafts
  4. 4 ribbons (2 of the same colour)


  1. Put the instructions in 2 different baskets with some of the materials for each craft.
  2. Put the remaining materials in the 2 other baskets (with some chocolate). Tie the same colour ribbons to the baskets with the materials for the same craft.
  3. Hide the baskets wherever you wish and let the hunt begin.
  4. Once the kids find the 2 matching baskets, they can start with their craft.

Have fun hunting and crafting!

NOTE: this works best if the kids already know how to read or you can create teams if you have more than 2 kids.

Pat xx

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