Are your kids restaurant-friendly?

Are your kids restaurant-friendly?

Are your kids restaurant-friendly?

I was reading this article last week about how to make your kids more restaurant-friendly and it made me think. I don’t have any kids but I go to the restaurant quite often and depending on the place, my meal has been interrupted by screaming or running children. As a consumer, I have a choice to either continue frequenting those family establishments or go to an establishment that I know families will not go to. Of course, there are no guarantees and there might be kids running around anywhere you go.

I don’t have any children yet but I am curious to hear from all the parents out there, as a training for when I do have my own :) Do you find it difficult to go to the restaurant with your kids? Are your kids restaurant-friendly? If so, how did you manage to make them restaurant-friendly?

Leave a comment below with your suggestions or questions. Thanks!

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