Kids craft: homemade wallpaper

kids craft wallpaper

Kids craft wallpaper {Photo: Nadia Rochon}

I cherish  every moment I spend with my little cousins. I especially love when we decide to create something from scratch without knowing what the result will be. We have a blast starting from nothing and realizing that we are really fine artists! :) Here is one of our favorite craft: A story to make. This time, we chose “under the sea” but you can pick any theme you want to create a beautiful wallpaper story.

Materials: (optional)

  • gouaches (various colors)
  • white glue
  • cures-pipes
  • tissue paper (various colors)
  • fabric tassels
  • mica
  • liquid paper
  • sand
  • aluminum paper
  • colored construction paper

Tips: Here is the the time to recycle all of your tissue paper from previous gifts wraps, you always have those tossed in a bag!

How to:
  1. Pat the gouache as you wish to create the back of the wall
  2. Spread the glue and sprinkle sand everywhere you want it to be
  3. As you create your story, shape forms and fill them in with tissue papers
  4. Create movement and texture with different materials
  5. Use the tassels to make urchins
  6. Put liquid paper on the mica to create a different surface for a jelly fish
  7. With tissue paper you can make a mussel ( don’t forget the pearl inside)

The trick is really to let your imagination run! Anything goes!

Let me know what theme you have chosen.

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