Kids crafts: Gingerbread people ornaments

Kids crafts: gingerbread men ornaments

Kids crafts: gingerbread men ornaments {Photos: littlefunlittlelearning.blogspot.com & www.motherhoodinmexico.com}

Christmas time is near and is a very exciting time in our household! My daughters love to participate in putting up the Christmas decorations all over the house and also with decorating our Christmas tree. This year, they decided to do something special for Santa (yep, they still believe) and create their own ornaments.

We made a ton of different crafty Christmas ornaments for our tree but the string of paper gingerbread people is my personnal favourite:


  • Brown grocery bag or brown/tan construction paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue, tape or staples
  • A long piece of green or brown yarn or string

How To:

  1. Draw a gingerbread man or woman on a piece of construction paper. Make sure to draw a rectangle on the top of the head (your gingerbread person will hang using that rectangle folder over the string).
  2. Cut out the gingerbread people. Draw a face, clothes, whatever you would like to make it your own. Let the kids enjoy this phase and come up with “funky” outfits for their gingerbread people
  3. Fold the rectangle at the top of the head over.
  4. Attach the gingerbread person to a long string using tape, glue, or staples. (parent’s help needed)
  5. Make more gingerbread people and attach them to the string.

Now you can hang your string of gingerbread peoples on your christmas tree :)

Pat xx

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