What kind of pumpkin decorator are you?

Have you started decorating your pumpkins yet? There are plenty of ways to do it depending on your skill level? This is something I find very interesting and fun since everyone can do this and year after year someone always manages to find a new way to impress us. Here are a few inspirational ideas depending on your skill level. Don’t forget to keep those seeds. They make delicious healthy snacks. All you need to do is clean them, roast them and add a little salt.

how to decorate a halloween pumpkin

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Kids love this moment of the year. They can express their creativity by decorating their own pumpkin. However, if your little artist is still too young to use pointy tools, there are plenty of ways to make a beautiful pumpkin without cutting and carving. Make them paint it or add accessories. You can also look in their toy box to find accessories to add. The results can be surprising!

DIY halloween decoration

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Don’t be scared if you have never carved a pumpkin before. We all know the basic designs, but now you can also find plenty of printable template ideas on the Internet. Just stick the template on your pumpkin and cut by following the pattern edges. This is always fun to do with friends or family.

glittery pumpkin

{Photo: © howaboutorange.blogspot.ca}

If you feel like challenging yourself and think you are more advanced, try to add something more surprising to your creation. Thinking out of the box can make you design new ways to decorate your pumpkin. Instead of cutting and taking parts out of the pumpkin, why not add more to it? By combining pumpkins you can create new objects and characters.

pumpkin carving

{Photo: © www.ecreativity.org}

Carving and painting are not enough for you and you wish to go beyond it? Try to add a new dimension to your creation. We all know how to cut and paint, however not many of us know how to sculpt. If you think you have the talent, try to add some emotion or personality to your pumpkin. Results can be very spooky!

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