It’s a tater tot party!

homemade tater tots

{Photos: Vadim Daniel, your30.qld.gov.au and shesimmers.com}

This article I was reading recently on chow.com inspired me to write this post. Wouldn’t it be great to host a tater tot party for your little ones, whether it’s just for an after school snack or a special occasion? The frozen In Cuisin mash potato pellets can easily be transformed into tasty and crunchy potato tots from the freezer directly into the frier, as seen in this recipe we’ve already posted.

You an make a few different dipping sauces like a tomato one, a creamy one, a cheese one or a curry one. You can even fill little bowls with ketchup, mustard and a flavoured mayonnaise with would make this party even easier to throw! Place everything on the counter and let the kids dip and eat to their heart’s content!

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