Christmas edible gift day 2: for your child’s favourite teacher

Chocolate, marshmallow and In Snax Christmas treats

Chocolate, marshmallow & In Snax treats {Photos: Vadim Daniel, creativejewishmom.typepad.com & giverslog.com}

You never know what to offer your kids’ teacher for the holidays? We have just the gift for that wonderful person that they love so much. Our chocolate marshmallow and In Snax treats will do just the thing! And what is great about it is that the making of the packaging can become a fun craft activity. Your children will enjoy being a part of the creation of their teacher’s present.

Here is a lovely idea for your wrapping.  Have fun!


  • empty, washed and dried  large cans (tomato cans, etc.)
  • sticky labels
  • clear and colored cellophane sheets
  • metallic markers (gold or silver)
  • Christmas paper wrapping
  • gouaches
  • colored ribbons
  • wax paper

How to:

  1. Once your can is washed and dried, stick a Christmas label on it and with the markers write the name of the teacher and add something special that he taught your kids (example: generosity)
  2. Either paint on the can or glue a Christmas paper to paint on and let your imagination run to decorate it.
  3. On a table place a cellophane sheet and and cover it with wax paper. Gently place your pieces of chocolate marshmallow and In Snax treats, wrap and put the package in the can. Secure the package with ribbons.

Tips: You can find beautiful Christmas printed cellophane paper at the Dollar Store or an art supply store.

Merry Christmas Teacher!

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