5 DIY tips on how to give a second life to your backyard leafs

purple leaf wreath

Purple leaf weath {Photos:www.twigandthistle.com}

Isn’t fall beautiful! Slowly, we see trees changing color until their leaves finally fall down. One thing I love about this season is planning what to do with those  leaves. Instead of just raking your yard and throwing away all the leaves, use a little imagination and create very cute crafts for your home. Here are my top 5 inspirations I found on the Internet this week for the fall season.

Purple leaf wreath
By painting and recycling your backyard leaves you can create this beautiful wreath. It’s simple to do and it looks fabulous on your front door or wall.

Leaf rose’s bouquet
Don’t you love when leaves turn a bright red? You can choose the most colored ones and give them a new life by transforming them into roses.

leaf roses

leaf roses {Photos: homestoriesatoz.com}

Spooky leaf ghosts
If you are looking for a creative way to decorate your house for Halloween, try this easy kid’s craft idea. It will be as much as fun for you than for them.


Ghost {Photos:happyclippings.com}

Dinner place card
If you like having friends over for dinner as much as I do, you will love this simple and personalized way of welcoming your guests into your home.

Leaf place card

Leaf place card {Photos:sunset.com}

Leaf garland
If you wish to decorate your house with some seasonal inspiration, try this leaf garland. You can customize it to your taste by painting or adding different types of leaves.

Leaf garland

Leaf garland {Photos:rmhouseofnoise.blogspot.ca}


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