DIY: My top 5 clothespin crafts

clothespin craft

We all have an unused stack of wooden clothespins somewhere in our home, either because it’s winter or because someday, we decided to switch to plastic clothespins. And although they may seem useless for the time being, you can easily give them a second life that will make them almost indispensable anew… Indeed, whether it be a planter or a missing sock board, these old clothespins can come in handy in plenty of ways. Moreover, you can always paint them before undertaking these crafts if they are a bit worn out. Note that these simple crafts can all turn out to be great activities to do with the kids!

So here is a top 5 of my favourite DIY clothespin crafts:

DIY clothespin craft

Clothespin magnetWhy not get those old Polaroid photographs out of their albums and put them on this beautiful wall display?

Missing sock boardStill wondering where those lost socks go? Me too! At least, with this missing sock board, you will have somewhere to put their forsaken sisters while waiting for the lost ones to return, if they ever do…

Yarn storageIf you are a knitting aficionado, you know what it’s like to discover your yarn threads all tangled up. Needless to say that with this simple trick, such an annoyance will be a thing of the past.

Clothespin planterThis is undoubtedly the most surprising and inspiring craft of the lot. Who would have thought you could make such a pretty object with a mere tuna fish can and a few clothespins? You can even turn these into a candle holder!

Place card holderIf you like to host big dinners with numerous guests like I do, you know how important place cards can be. And you probably know also how simple paper cards can fall from the table (especially during summer) or get lost amid the table setting. Well, these two issues can be easily settled thanks to a handful of clothespins.

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