Christmas: Top 5 DIY Advent calendars

DIY sewed calendar

DIY sewed calendar {Photo: ohhappyday.com}

December is almost upon us and, with it, the traditional countdown to Christmas. A good way to ease your kids’ Christmas frenzy is by offering them a taste of the holidays every day until Christmas Eve. So why not get creative and make your own Advent calendar! Whether you hide bits of chocolate, candy or small toys, these calendars will undoubtedly make the holiday season more exciting. And they are so simple that your children can make them with you.

Here are my top 5 DIY Advent calendars:

Sewed calendar
This calendar (at the top) is perfect if you don’t have an actual Christmas tree. You can even have your kids draw the tree on a sheet and sew these colourful dots on it.

Matchbox calendar

Matchbox calendar {Photo: themessycrafter.blogspot.ca}

Matchbox calendar
Almost 100% made with matchboxes, this calendar hides its delicacies within its cute little drawers. Just don’t forget to empty out the matches!

Felt pockets calendar

Felt pockets calendar {Photo: etsy.com}

Felt pockets calendar
Requiring a bit more time and work, this calendar is nevertheless sure to be a highlight of your Christmas decorations. My personal favourite!

Clothespin calendar

Clothespin calendar {Photo: handmakemyday.com}

Clothespin calendar
Just get these old clothespins out of your closet, add a touch of Christmas spirit to them, nail them to a board and voilà! All is left to do is to hang those wrapped delicacies.

Printable calendar

Printable calendar {Photo: thehybridchick.com)

Printable calendar
This one is probably the simplest since your printer will do most of the job for you!

Have a great Holiday season everyone!

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