Cheesey In Snax snack

Cheesy In Snax snacks

Cheesy In Snax snacks { Photo: © Vadim Daniel }

Do you always feel stressed out when you hear the words “Mom, I’m huuuungry!!” when the kids come back home from school? No need to fret anymore, this is a snack that will surely please them while making you happy because it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare. Get the little ones involved in the preparation and everyone will be happy!

Cut a few pieces of your kids’ favourite cheese into small, thin rectangles. Have the little ones put one piece of cheese between 2 pieces of In Snax sea salt pita crisps and place them on a plate. Place the plate in the microwave for a few seconds for the cheese to melt and voilà! Your cheesy snack is ready! Accompany by apple slices or baby carrots.

Note: This snack is suitable for big kids as well! Make yourself some if you’re feeling a little peckish, they’re delicious!

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