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kids crafts apple prints

Beautiful apple prints {Photo: whim-see.blogspot.com}

Since going out apple picking with my girls, we have been storing a “boat load” of apples in the kitchen. Sure, we made apple sauce, apple juice and ate some just like that but a fun little craft for kids who love to color is to use the apples as stamps.


  • A couple of uncut apples
  • A couple a white sheets of paper (or some kitchen towels)
  • Paint (acrylic paint preferably)
  • Paper towel
  • Toothpick

How To:

  1. Cut an apple in half and take out its seeds with a toothpick, set them aside
  2. Blot the cut surface with a paper towel until it’s dry
  3. Brush acrylic paint all over the cut surface (the color of your little ones choice)
  4. Stamp the apple on pieces of paper or on kitchen towels

Fun :)

Pat xx

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