Summer recipe: chilled soups

chilled soup

Chilled soups {Photos: midwesternvegetarian.com and Vadim Daniel}

What I love about soups is how fast they are to make, especially when you have In Cuisin to help you out!) and how light they are to eat. I love making them in the winter but when the temperatures rise in the summer, I tend to not want to eat a hot soup. That’s when I start making cold soups instead! They’re just as easy and quick and so refreshing.

You can definitely take some of the soup recipes I’ve made this winter and chill them. The potato leek soup recipe is really nice chilled and so is the broccoli and celery one. Just make sure you chill them well before you eat them. Top them with a bit of cream or whipped cheese like Boursin or even whipped cream cheese and you’re set! Don’t forget the In Snax crisps as an accompaniment.

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