It’s super bowl weekend!

Easy and quick super bowl dip recipe ideas

Super bowl dip recipe ideas {Photos: Vadim Daniel & Julia C Vona}

It’s super bowl weekend this weekend and if you’re like me, you’ll likely be having some people over for a great party with loads of food and fun. Besides the usual chicken wings, I love setting up a whole bunch of dips and bowls full of different flavours of In Snax crisps for people to have fun with. Dips are easy to make, versatile and can, for the most part, be prepared ahead of time so you too can enjoy the party and all the cheering on the big day. Every single one of your friends will definitely find a favourite dip to sink their teeth – and crisps – in!

Here are a few dip recipes that will surely please your crowd on game day.

Have a great weekend everyone and a great game day, and may the best team win! :)

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