Cocktail Friday: cheese platter with fig preserve

fig jam recipe

Cheese, nuts, In snax crisps and fig preserve platter {Photo: Vadim Daniel}

I love having casual get togethers on the weekends in the summer. I’ll have friends over for drinks and nibbles almost every weekend. Like all of you, I am usually short on time and I don’t like to spend too long in the kitchen while everybody else is having a blast in the living room. After all, these get togethers are meant for me to spend time with my guests.

A cheese platter is a great item to serve your guests. It can be put together in minutes, it is eaten at room temperature and can stay out for a few hours without it going bad. To bring the usual cheese platter up a notch, I serve some delicious condiments and whole fresh nuts with it. This fig preserve is one of my favourite condiments to serve and goes well with a sharp cheddar.

Fig preserve


  • 2lbs fresh figs, cleaned, trimmed and chopped
  • 500g sugar
  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon


  1. Place all ingredients in a bowl, cover and leave to macerate at room temperature overnight
  2. Transfer to a pan, bring to a boil, then cook over very low heat while stirring and mashing up the figs slightly for about an hour, or until thick
  3. Let it cool then serve with a sharp cheddar, some nuts and In Snax multigrain crisps for a quick cheese platter
how to set up a cheese platter

Cheese, nuts, In Snax crisps and fig preserve platter {Photo: Vadim Daniel}

En français

Confiture de figues


  • 2 lbs figues fraîches, nettoyées, équeutées et coupées
  • 500 g sucre
  • Zeste et jus d’un citron


  1. Placez tous les ingrédients dans un bol, couvrir et laissez macérer jusqu’au lendemain à température ambiante
  2. Transférez à une casserole et amenez à ébullition. Baissez le feu et faites cuire à feu très doux en mélangeant et en écrasant les figues pendant une heure ou jusqu’à obtention d’un mélange épais
  3. Laissez refroidir puis servez avec un cheddar fort, des noix entières et des croustilles multigrains In Snax

Photos: Vadim Daniel

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