Eat smart and swap those ingredients

Halloween is over and we suddenly realize that we sneakily ate lots of candies and start feeling guilty. Don’t worry! As I always say, we are always allowed to cheat a bit, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. The Idea is to eat smart. Here are a few tips on how to swap recipe ingredients for healthier ones. You would be surprised to learn about all the food swap possibilities available. Just do a quick search on the Internet. You can also visit this fitbie article for a quick review.

Cauliflower instead of rice or potatoes
Have you ever tried smashed cauliflower instead of rice or potatoes with that delicious steak? Cauliflowers are the perfect low-carb substitute recommended from all diet specialists.

Avocado instead of butter
In a cookie recipe, swap half of your butter with an avocado. I agree that it may sound a little weird, but by do doing this you are cutting up to 40% of the calories in your recipe.

Beans instead of flour
If you think that flour is an irreplaceable ingredient in your recipes, you are mistaken. In fact, beans are a great fiber alternative and most people think they even better taste.

Zucchini instead of noodles
Who would’ve thought that sliced zucchini can be a perfect replacement for lasagna noodles? In fact, they are as tasty and better for your little belly. It is the perfect way to add some vegetables to your meal.

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