It’s a dip party!

chips and dip party

Throw an In Snax crisps and dip party!

Already looking forward to a week-end of fun and pleasure? Whether it is going to be a nice family  gathering , an improvised get-together or a simple and enjoyable moment  I got just the thing for you: a crisps & dip party!  Dips recipes are quick and easy to make and everyone can help out and you will have time to actually be with your guests. With our three great choices of pita crisps you can have a blast while matching them out. It can be very surprising: think sweet-salty. Of course, you can dip in any fresh vegetables you have on hand as well. And for a perfect ending to this great party, I suggest a chocolate fondue with our cinnamon with a touch of sugar pita crips!

Here are some of my favourite matches:

Sea Salt Crisps: 

Multigrain Crisps:

Cinnamon Crisps:

Well, there you have it,  throw a dip party and let me know how it goes!

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