Summer fruit soups

chilled fruit soup

Chilled summer fruit soups are the ideal meal to serve for dessert or for brunch on a hot summer day. They’re quick and easy to make, are so refreshing and colourful and are full of vitamins! You can mix any flavours you like as well as add herbs and spices to them. Serve them in hollowed out fruit “cups” like halved cantaloupe for some extra fun! And don’t forget to serve some In Snax cinnamon pita crisps as an accompaniment!

To make these chilled fruit soups, blend your favourite mix of fruit in a blender until smooth. I love using cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries, watermelon, kiwi, mango and even avocado. Add some fruit juice or a bit of white wine, herbs if you’re using some and a little bit of lemon or lime juice. Taste it and add some sugar, honey or even maple syrup if it’s not sweet enough. If you like your soup more on the creamy side, add some yogurt or heavy cream to your blended fruit or top with a dollop of thick yogurt or sour cream. To serve, top with a few pieces of fresh fruit and some mint leaves.

Note: If you’re feeling daring, you can serve a cantaloupe soup as an appetizer topped with crispy bits of prosciutto and some parmesan cheese shavings

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