The origin of the Christmas turkey tradition

Christmas turkey tradition

Christmas turkey tradition {photo: Julia C.Vona}

Every Christmas brings back wonderful traditions that we love to share with family and friends. Because those beautiful traditions have always been part of our lives, we seldom seek to know their origin. Since we are food lovers, we chose to tell you here today about the turkey tradition and how it became part of the Christmas meal. After learning about it, you will certainly want to try my deliciously simple turkey recipe.

How turkey became our traditional Christmas meal

A lot of people believe that turkeys come from Europe but they, in fact, came from Mexico, the U.S.A. and Canada. It’s the Spanish circa XVI who brought it from Mexico and domesticated it in their country as well as in France and England. Since the Spanish wrongly thought they had visited India, they called the heavy bird “Indian hen”.

Did you know that the goose was considerate as a solar bird and that it guaranteed solar protection to those who would it it? This is why it was eaten during festive moments and that is why eating poultry in celebration became a tradition. There are other countries that enjoy Christmas turkey as well, like for example Australia, Honduras, Lebanon, New-Zealand and Peru to name just a few. Some others have roast duck or even pork.

But whatever we eat or wherever we are around the world, it is celebrating the holidays surrounded by your loved ones that is the biggest tradition of all.






















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