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moment de méditation

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Life goes by so fast! With everything that you have to do and take care of in a day, it’s no wonder that you never have moment for yourself. But, when you do find that special and rare occasion, that moment when you are going to be alone in your home and take time for you, here are some suggestions of how you can benefit from it to the fullest!

Organize your photos: Trying to organize those piles and photo-albums may seem like a heavy task and especially when you are trying to relax but it is going to free your mind and your space for that matter. As a big plus, you get to remind yourself of  some great moments in your life and of your loved ones as well. You can let your imagination run wild and create new thematic albums and you can finally give scrapbooking a try ! While enjoying some delightful memories and enjoying a reflective look at you life,  you can enjoy the comfort of a nice homemade mochaccino!

Meditate a little:  A great advantage of enjoying an empty house is that you can have a moment to meditate for a few minutes. Of course, like an exercise, you have to practice it a bit to feel comfortable, but nevertheless you should benefit from a few minutes of meditation. You will need to lie down, close your eyes and inspire and expire deeply. Think of a peaceful place that you love and that you can project yourself into.  You can have pictures of something/someone that inspires you, music too, but it is however best to remain quiet. Try to empty your mind from any thoughts (even if it’s hard) and give in to your inner self as you try to think about nothing and enjoy the silence.

Enjoy a spa at home: A bath in the middle of the day? Yes please! This will surely be a timeout in your busy day and it will relax and reboost your energy in at the same time. Enjoy a hot bath (but no more than 38 degrees) or a lukewarm one if you have circulation problems. Take a few minutes to dim the lights, light up some candles, choose a magazine… create your relaxing atmosphere! While in the water, treat yourself with a homemade mask and exfoliate your body with a loofa. You can also enjoy some essentials oils in the bath water such as lavender, geranium or eucalyptus. You can really personalize your moment with the type of treatment you like. Don’t’ forget to hydrate yourself with a good moisturizing cream afterwards.

There are just so many things that you can do and enjoy. Read a good book, watch the movie that nobody wants to see with you or the one that you will enjoy as a guilty-pleasure treat! Anything for you to let go for a few moments and get an energy refill.

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