Creating some new Thanksgiving rituals

Happy Thanksgiving! {Photo © Vadim Daniel}

Happy Thanksgiving! {Photo © Vadim Daniel}

This year my daughters and I decided that we were going to celebrate Thanksgiving a bit differently. Giving thanks should be a daily thing in our lives and a concept that I try to instil in my girls every chance I get. Teaching children to be grateful for what they have and who they have in their lives could be a fun thing. This year we have decided to create our first Thanksgiving ritual beyond the actual Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is what our ritual should look like:

  • Stay in our pyjamas for the better part of the day and enjoy each others company, watch movies and munch on In Snax pita crisps
  • Make something: we have not decided what our craft project is going to be for that day yet but it’s definitely going to be a cooking project
  • Then, we get ready to go out for our family dinner, since we are typical girls this is going to be the fun part!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pat xx

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