Tidbits from the Montreal Christmas parade

The Santa float at the Montreal Christmas parade

The Santa float at the Montreal Christmas parade

Montreal is, in my opinion, one of the most festive cities, and Christmas celebration is no exception.

This year was the first year we attended the Montreal Christmas Parade. Since it is the most popular parade in Montreal, when we got there around 11am, the streets were already crowded with parents and their little ones, all eager to see Santa.

Although the crowd was overwhelming, we stood at the corner of St-Catherine and Peel and got to see the different floats (including Santa’s!) while sipping on our cups of chocolate from the nearby coffee shop.

Here are some tips to enjoy any outdoor Christmas parade and celebration with kids:

  1. Be prepared: bring some extra scarfs, sweaters and even folding chairs or strollers
  2. Don’t take this on all by yourself: try to make it a friend or family outing by inviting other friends with kiddos, that way you can always rely on someone to watch the rest of the group when you need a bathroom break.
  3. Think of your getaway plan from the get go: the crowd could be overwhelming so think of the easiest way to get to your car when things get heated.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season with your family and loved ones!

Pat xx

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