Kids and yoga

yoga for kids

Yoga for kids {Photo © shantiyogabc.blogspot.com}

I always try to get my children to eat their greens, I offer them great food choices, and yummy snacks like In Snax crips  when they just need something to mooch on. Getting my kids active is also on my to-do list, make sure they have their regular activities like soccer for my eldest daugther and ballet for the little one. But sometimes they need something more calming.

I not only practice yoga because of the physical benefits but also because it relaxes and destresses my day. Even at this day in age, our kids also have very stressful and full days just as much as we do and  this is one of the reason why I decided to bring them along for a yoga class.

Kid’s yoga class  however is not exactly like the adult version, it’s  much more  funnier and looks like play time.  As a result of those classes my girls are much more focused, happy and as a plus, they also got to make some new yoga totting friends.

Pat xx

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  1. Jessy William

    10. Jan, 2012

    Kids can benefit tremendously from many easy to follow and practice Yoga poses. Yoga has great benefits for growing children and it is a lots of fun. At yoga classes for kids, children learn to stretch, breathe deeply, relax and concentrate and they teach children’s yoga for peace, health, literacy and FUN. Yoga develops correct posture, body awareness and self-confidence and helps children to become more calm.

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