Sugar shack

Sugar shack

Maple syrup { Photos: bbc.co.uk and farmstreadinc.com }

Everywhere I turn these days, there’s talk of sugar shacks. Friends, colleagues and family members are all booking their annual sugar high fest. I love maple and try to use it instead of regular sugar whenever possible. I find it gives everything a deeper flavour and what’s more Canadian than maple syrup?

At a traditional sugar shack, they put maple syrup on almost everything. I top my beans or crepes with it when sugar shacking but I can’t see myself putting maple syrup on absolutely everything! I do love it on a piece of ham or pork loin accompanied by some In Cuisin mashed potatoes, preferably the Garden Carrot variety to stay in the sweet theme.

Do you have a favourite sugar shack food? Do you have a favourite maple syrup recipe?

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