Make the most out of the last days of summer!

Healthy snacks for a barbecue among friends

Healthy snacks for a barbecue among friends { Photos: Vadim Daniel, Photoghrapher, Montreal }

It seems like we still have some nice days left this summer. What easier way to prepare dinner than by barbecuing? It’s easy, quick and healthy for you if you take the time to barbecue healthier proteins, like fish or sea food. Whether you invite some friends, the neighbours or are just spending some quality time with your honey, offer them a healthy snack while waiting for dinner to be ready. In Snax pita chips with one of my many dip recipes should do the trick. Oh and for dessert, why don’t you try some fresh summer fruit desserts like grilled peaches and cream or an apple and berry crisps?  Quick and tasty!

Enjoy the end of the summer!


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