Bridal shower week: a spa weekend getaway

how to plan a bridal shower

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I am getting married this coming weekend. I I’ve been planning for it for a year now but it still feels as if time flew and I can’t believe it’s already here!

I have had great help from my family and friends in planning my wedding. Of course, a wedding is never complete without the bridal shower before. So in honour of my upcoming wedding, I am dedicating this week to bridal showers. I will try and share some great ideas with you whether you’re a bride-to-be or someone planning a shower for a friend, cousin or sister.

One of my favourite bridal shower ideas is to plan a spa weekend with the bride and her closest girlfriends.

Check list of things to consider:

  • Pick your venue: will you go to a spa or bring the spa to you and throw a party at home?
  • Pick your date(s): will it be a day trip or a whole weekend?
  • Send the invitations: plan to send these a couple of months ahead of time especially if it’s a weekend trip so that the guests can plan for it

Don’t forget about:

  • The food: Plan your weekend of meals with the spa if they have kitchen facilities or hire a private chef if you have the budget
  • The favours: Pick favours to fit the spa theme, so scented candles, bath oils and salts, body lotions, massage certificates, etc. would be appropriate
  • The bride’s gifts


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