Christmas edible gift day 3: for your colleagues

homemade holiday gift

Holiday treats: carrot cinnamon muffins {Photos: Julia C Vona, www.pattystamps.typepad.com & creativetryals.blogspot.com}

This Christmas, treat your colleagues with our delicious homemade carrot muffins! Presented in beautiful little bags, they will be perfect to complete their cappuccino at coffee-break and will be a nice dessert for lunchtime. Those muffins are so good that they will probably ask for them all year long!

Here is our suggestion for the Holiday packaging


  • medium brown Kraft (lunch) paper bags (from the Dollar store or art supply store)
  • colored ribbons
  • metallic strings (gold, green, silver, red)
  • markers
  • little pine tree branches
  • cinnamon sticks
  • bags of In Snax cinnamon pita crisps
  • metal box to put your muffins

How to: 

  1. Create a label with  markers and write the name of each colleague on a bag
  2. Decorate each one of the bags using the materials suggested above
  3. Put your muffins and a bag of In Snax pita crisps inside each one of them
  4. Pierce a little hole in the top middle of the bag and gently pull a metallic string to close it
  5. You can add a little pine branch or cinnamon stick to decorate it

Enjoy your Christmas break!

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