Christmas edible gift day 5: for the hostess

Holiday edible gift: apple crumble

Holiday edible gift: apple crumble {Photos: Marcella De Vincenzo, brightmorningstarsfoodie.blogspot.com & itsxmastime.com}

For our fifth and final edible gift idea, we wanted to honour the hostesses who will be welcoming you and your family into their home this holiday season. After having cooked for hours, she will also be able to enjoy a delicious homemade Apple-cranberry crumble. You may even have the perfect dessert for a pot-luck Christmas dinner which is so popular nowadays. Presented it in a beautiful holiday package, it will be a prefect way to say ” thank you” and “Merry Christmas”.

Here is our suggestion for the presentation


  • Christmas molds (optional) (stars,Christmas tree)
  • wicker basket or any other type of basket
  • big colored ribbon
  • clear cellophane
  • optional: piece of mistletoe, pine tree branch

How to:

  1. After you have baked your crumble in your christmas mold let it cool down
  2.  Secure the top of your plate with aluminum or a cover
  3. Then place it in a nice basket, be sure to fill it so the mold doesn’t move
  4. Take a sheet of cellophane and wrap the entire basket with it
  5. Tie it with the ribbon and add any decorations that you feel will make the package festive and elegant
Et voilà! Have a great weekend everyone!

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