Where it all began: New Year’s Resolutions

Resolution 1915

Resolution 1915 {photo: Wikipedia.org}

New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to at the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. However, the resolution tradition is not a recent phenomenon. It goes all the way back to 153 B.C.! The ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods each year and so did the Romans. They were making commitment to god Janus and were asking forgiveness from their enemies by exchanging gifts at the beginning of each year. Janus was the guardian of doors and entrances, after whom the month of January is named. He had two faces one in the back and one in front, giving him the possibility to look backward and forward at the same time. That is why the Romans thought that Janus, on December 31, could look back at the year that had passed and forward to the new!

resolutions 2000

Resolutions 2000 {Photo: pitchlesstoughts.blogspot.com}

Even if the ritual is not new, the nature of those resolutions has changed a lot through time. I don’t think that, back in the days, loosing weight was part of a knight’s goals. Even during the last decades, we’ve noticed that the commitments are more superficial than in previous times. At the end of the 19th century resolutions were focused on good and hard work while in the 20th century the spotlight was on looking good.

Popular goals include resolutions to:

  • Spend more time with family & friends
  • Improve well-being
  • Improve finances
  • Improve career & education
  • Get organized
  • Take a trip
  • Volunteer to help others

And you… What are your resolutions this year? If you’re in need of inspiration, here’s the perfect tool for you: THE RESOLUTION GENERATOR!

I wish you a fabulous new year with lots of goals achieving!


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