A traditional Greek Easter meal

traditional greek easter

Greek red-dyed eggs and Greek Easter bread {Photos: ommorphiabeautybar.com & chalogias.com}

As you may already know, I am of Greek origin. My family’s Greek roots and traditions always come out when it’s time for a celebration. This is very true of the Easter celebrations and the big Easter meal, one of the most elaborate of the year in a Greek family.

Traditionally, Greeks fast for 40 days for Lent and during those 40 days, they don’t consume meat, fish, dairy or sweets. Also traditionally, Greeks attend an elaborate Greek Orthodox midnight mass on Easter eve. That mass is followed by a big elaborate meal shared by the whole family.

The Greek Easter meal always starts with Easter bread and red-dyed eggs. It also always include Avgolemono, a special egg and lemon soup, many side dishes, a main course of lamb and many, many desserts. My family’s Easter dinner always includes a roasted leg of lamb, a big bowl of In Cuisin mashed potatoes and In Cuisin risotto as side dishes.

What does your traditional Easter menu includes?

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