Tips to end the summer with a bang

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Are you all enjoying your summer? Can you believe it’s almost over? I can’t but that sudden little cool breeze in the air and the shorter days are just reminders that it will soon be fall. Here are some tips that will make you live the rest of the summer’s day to their fullest.

Take that road trip
Or that weekend away that you’ve been talking about all summer. You still have a couple of weeks to make it so just go!

Finish that project
If you’re like me, you probably started something that you haven’t finished yet. Whether it’s reorganizing your closet or that renovation project, time to get cracking and finish it.

Try that recipe
Do you have a few recipes bookmarked in your “to try” file? Well guess what? Time to make them, especially if they’re grilling recipes to be enjoyed outdoors.

Take advantage
Of the last of the sunny and warm days, of the bounty found at farmers markets these days, of the grass that’s still green and perfect for a picnic, of your outdoor terrasse or balcony…

Get ready
For the cooler days by cleaning, organizing and decluttering your house to welcome the new cooler season. Some tips on decluttering on our Pinterest board here.

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