DIY herb garden

DIY herb garden

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I love using fresh herbs when I’m cooking. If it’s winter, it brings a little bit of freshness to your dish and in the summer, it just adds so many layers of taste. You can make the exact same recipe with different herbs and it can taste completely different.

I have a little balcony in my new condo and the only thing I have planted this year is some fresh herbs. I have some basil, mint, thyme, parsley, rosemary and Greek oregano of course. I snip a bit of this and a bit of that every time I need some.

It’s very easy to grow your own herbs whether you have a big garden or a very tiny outdoor space. Even a sunny window will do the trick. Herbs are great because you can actually bring them in in the winter and just place them in a sunny spot and they will thrive.

I was scouting Pinterest for some herb garden ideas and I have found some great ones! People can be very resourceful and these tricks are just amazing! From planting herbs vertically in mason jars, plastic bottles, pipes, fabric shoe organizers, a ladder, tin cans or even hanging them upside down, some of these ideas are genius! Check out my DIY Herb Garden Pinterest board for more ideas and get started on your own herb garden this summer!

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  1. Lilah

    25. Jul, 2012

    Love the wood pallet idea to grow herbs. So cute!

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