Christmas edible gift day 1: for your best friend

Edible gifts: Homemade jam

Edible gifts: Homemade jam {Photos: Vadim Daniel, thesweetestoccasion.com & bellaeats.com}

Christmas is almost here and with it, the eternal question of what to offer everyone. To the boss who has everything, to your mother-in-law who has been hosting the whole family for 10 years or to your best friend to say thanks for being there… we have just the solution! Edible homemade gifts are the perfect occasion to create and make something yourself. This whole week will be dedicated to some easy and fun homemade gifts that you can personalize and offer to your loved ones.

The first gift of the week is my homemade strawberry jam offered in fancy little glass jars. It makes such a sweet present for your best friend. Here is our suggestion to make the packaging fun and elegant.


  • 250ml (or smaller) glass mason jars
  • sticky Christmas labels
  • little wooden spoons
  • red and green strings
  • cellophane
  • basket, or metal Christmas box
  • colored markers
  • ribbon
  • tissue paper for the stuffing
  • a bag of In Snax cinnamon pita crisps

How to:

  1. Cut  a sticky label in half to place on the front of your jar and reserve a full one to place on the back of the jar
  2. With a marker, write down the name of your friend on the front of the jar and on the back, just as you would write down the ingredients, choose 2 or 3 words or expression that describe your friendship
  3. Use the colored strings to tie the cover and tie the wooden spoon around the jar
  4. Place your In Snax pita crisps bag in the basket or metal box with well as your glass jar(s). Fill it with tissue paper
  5. Wrap the box with cellophane and tie it elegantly with ribbon

There you are, place it under the tree and wait until it’s time to offer it!

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