Christmas edible gift day 4: for your family

homemade edible gift

homemade edible gift

Sometimes, the sweetest gifts are those that you have thought of and made yourself. This year, to save you time, money and energy, we suggest you offer some of your relatives our homemade granola packaged in cute little glass jars. This healthy recipe which can is both a delicious breakfast or a quick great snack will be, without a doubt, a lovely way to say “Merry Christmas!”

Here is our suggestion to wrap up your Christmas granola:


  • little mason jars
  • various kinds of dried fruits (apricot, oranges, cranberries,…)
  • little Christmas ornaments
  • silver or gold ribbon
  • strings
  • sticky labels
  • metallic markers
  • Christmas gift bags (easy to find at the Dollar store)
  • tissue paper (preferably red, green or white)
  • little wooden shovel (usually used for spices)

How to:

  1. Prepare one or 2 batches of granola using my favourite recipe then let it cool completely
  2. Fill the mason jars with the granola
  3. Secure the covers with a ribbon and finalize it with a nice bow
  4. Stick a label on the front of the jar and write (with the metallic marker) the name of your relative, or something special about them
  5. Attach the strings on the bow and add, to your choice, any of the material suggested above. Make it nice and simple
  6. In a Christmas gift bag, place a jar of granola and fill with tissue papers

Note: Add some dried cherries or cranberries to your granola to give it a festive colour!

Merry Christmas!

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