Bridal shower week: festive cocktails

champagne cocktail

Champagne cocktail {Photo © blog.teroforma.com}

Nothing says celebration like champagne! And although I love a glass of bubbly, I sometimes like to enhance that bubbly even more by creating festive and colourful champagne cocktails for special occasions. And what’s more special than a bridal shower? So to continue our bridal shower week special on this blog, here are a few champagne cocktail ideas for that special day.

  • Inspired by the classic kir cocktail (cassis liqueur and bubbly), use a strawberry or raspberry liqueur for a different twist on the classic. Drop a frozen raspberry or strawberry in the glass for garnish and colour.
  • Try rimming your glass with pink sugar and use a rosé champagne for a more girly look
  • For a stronger drink, mix 2 dashes of bitters, 1 oz. of Brandy and a sugar cube into a glass of dry champagne. Garnish with an orange peel or slice.
  • Make a bellini by mixing one cup of any fruit nectar with a bottle of champagne. My favourite nectars to mix in are peach (the classic bellini) or pear.
  • Mix some herbs, spices or flowers into your bubbly, like fresh thyme, ginger or dried lavender flowers for a more floral or spicy concoction.


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