My 10 tips for a successful barbecue

barbecue tips

I love barbecuing more than any other cooking method. I am outdoors the minute it starts getting warmer and I am still outside late in the season even if I have to wear my coat! Grilling to me is the cleanest, healthiest cooking method and it is so versatile. However, I do follow certain rules when behind the grill to insure a perfect meal.

  1. Always use tongs to flip your meat or fish, never pierce it with a fork since the juices will run out
  2. Pre-heat and lubricate the grill’s surface with oil before putting anything on it so it doesn’t stick
  3. Don’t flip your meat or fish too soon before it has the time to develop a crust. If it doesn’t flip easily, wait until it’s ready
  4. Don’t brush your marinade too soon in the process otherwise it will burn. Most marinades contain some form of sugar which will burn if it’s put on too soon
  5. Get the right tools: besides your grill you need a spatula, tongs, a long basting brush, a meat thermometer, a wire basket for vegetables or seafood, skewers (bamboo or metal), a metal brush to clean the barbecue
  6. Learn how to control your heat, whether it’s a charcoal or a gas grill. Different heats are appropriate for different foods. If you are using a charcoal grill, adding wood chips or aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme to your charcoal will add flavour to your food
  7. Be careful not to leave food out for too long if it’s hot outside
  8. Don’t be afraid to try new things like grilled oysters or dessert (grilled peaches filled with cream and a granola-type crumble is delicious!)
  9. Be organized and never leave your food unwatched, unless you really like burnt tips :)
  10. Always clean your grill after you’re done cooking

And most importantly, serving a side of In Cuisin mash potatoes with your grilled meat or fish is a 2-minute affair you will appreciate on those hot summer days when your side dish can be ready in a matter of minutes! Have fun grilling!


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