Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving traditions {Photo © Vadim Daniel}

Thanksgiving traditions {Photo © Vadim Daniel}

This week will culminate with Canadian Thanksgiving at the end of it. We are dedicating a whole week on the the blog to this great holiday, one of my favourites. Today, I’d like to discuss Thanksgiving traditions with you all. What are some of yours? Do you have favourite ones that come back every year? What do you do on this 3-day weekend?

For me, I love spending time in the kitchen cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal for my family. Turkey is an essential and necessary part of our Thanksgiving dinner. This year, it will be even easier to make the stuffing by using some of the new In Cuisin risotto products, which I will mix with apples and sausages. I will also of course serve the turkey with a side of In Cuisin mash potatoes. For dessert, my easy and delicious pumpkin pie, which I posted on this blog yesterday is a definite tradition. Taking a walk in the fall leaves with the whole family and watching the dogs chase each other is also another great tradition that I like to partake in, weather permitting of course

I am looking forward to the weekend! What about you? What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

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