Quebec’s favourite dish: Shepherd’s pie or pâté chinois

Shepherd’s pie or pâté chinois

Shepherd's pie { Photo: Vadim Daniel, Montreal Photographer }

Shepherd’s pie (or pâté chinois for those of us living in Quebec)  was one of my favourite things to eat when I was a child and I am sure it’s your kids favourite as well. I don’t know what it is about the mix of sweet corn and luscious mashed potatoes that make this dish so comforting and delicious! It is even easier to make with In Cuisin mashed potatoes. As soon as your meat is cooked, your meal is basically cooked! Pop it under the broiler for a crispy top or just serve as is. Individual portions dished out into fancy glasses will entice your kids to eat it even more. You can replace the regular mash with our In Cuisin cauliflower mash for an extra serving of vegetables without your kids even noticing the difference! Enjoy!

You can find my recipe of Shepherd’s Pie here.

Photos: Vadim Daniel, www.vadimdaniel.com

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